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Social Media – Continuing the Relationship

In celebration of MLK Day, the affiliate of Habitat for Humanity I work for hosts a Building on the Dream event to engage high school students on their day off. Their involvement means a lot to Habitat because they are our future ambassadors.

During lunch we had MLK trivia and each student read aloud a famous quote. Remembering the purpose of the federal holiday and our gathering together was an important part of the day. Since it is easy to loose contact with the students after the build we encouraged them to engage with us on our Facebook page.

We tried something a little different this time and were very pleased to see the results. We promised the first 5 students who became a fan of our page and who posted their MLK quote would receive a free Habitat water bottle!

Using our Facebook to engage with the students is a step we had not taken before. Staying in touch with them past their time on site is extremely important. We hope they will remain fans, and learn about other events we have and possibly attend!

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Being wrong is just another opportunity to learn what is right. My goal for 2011.

My biggest wall to overcome is confidence. I have a huge fear of being wrong. My goal for 2011 is to truly learn that it is ok to be wrong once in awhile.

I am a member of multiple LinkedIn and Facebook groups but I don’t post discussions or actively talk on any of the platforms. I need to start. What is holding me back? The fear that I may look dumb by having a false understanding around a tactic or that I may make a statement with little or no real experience to back it up with. My current boss tells me all the time that I am smarter than I think, and in 2011 I plan to find that truth inside myself.

I have begun my journey by joining the new PR Community, #pr20chat. I joined 4 groups focused around B2B, B2C, Non-profit, and Measurement and have started to take part in discussions there.

Yesterday I jumped in on a question based around email marketing. Other community members responded to my post, and rather than feeling discouraged and anxious about their comments, I continued to talk. I may not always have the correct answer for a discussion, but as I continue to actively talk in these groups I will gain a more in-depth grasp on the PR industry as a whole. There are still things I need to learn and chances I need to take. Being wrong is not the end of the world, it is just another opportunity to learn what is right.

I will by no means be posting jibberish, but I WILL be voicing my opinion. I know more than I give myself credit for!

Here is to Confidence in 2011! & here is to the new #pr20chat community!

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Christmas 2.0

This video was emailed to me by a co-worker, and as the social media dork that I am, I needed to pass it along! *Apologies for not being able to embed the video! Enjoy :)

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My Decision to Choose WordPress for Business Blogging

I had been dreaming about starting a blog for my company since I started, and the day finally came! My blog concept, guidelines, and editorial schedule were all set… but I had not created the actual blog site. I was debating between a few platforms and couldn’t decide which was best.

I finally decided on WordPress for the following reasons:

  • Blogger: Although a great and easy platform to use, it requires a gmail account to activate. I love Google, but didn’t want to create another email for my organization; 10 million accounts are already floating around. It would mean one more account to check when moderating comments, and that’s just silly…
  • Tumblr: I considered this platform based on its ability to create community. It’s a unique way to blog where individuals follow you and receive feeds of your entries. I researched the community topics that my organization’s blog would chat in, and those topics were not prevalent on Tumblr. Also, posts there are typically short and sweet, and I plan on writing “How to” ideas and stories. Not a good fit.
  • Posterous: This platform is gaining popularity and I hear about it everywhere; so I obviously needed to think of it as a possibility. It’s known for being super easy. It’s pretty similar to Tumblr in my opinion, with short and quick posts. Many people update from their phones and email (or so I hear). My plan is to create a personal account here and use it as a guinea pig to learn more.
  • WordPress: I have some experience with WordPress (um, this blog…!) and haven’t run into any issues. Everyone I’ve talked to agrees that it is great for business because it offers a professional appearance and reputation. Many people say it is easy to customize, which I’m sure is true, but I have yet to learn. My skills are lacking in CSS editing and are in desperate need of a boot-camp class. Regardless, our CEO also has his blog set up here, so we already have an active account.

After truly comparing these 4 options, my decision was a no brainer. I created the new blog in our existing account and got to work. The site will be ready next month, so stay tuned! :)

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